Individual Services

For 25 years I have been working with all kinds of individuals, from very wealthy clients planning to retire, to students, and to families just starting out.  Each step of the way presents different challenges and requires different stategies for planning the next step in your future.  By making a plan now and by reducing the risks that you cannot plan for, will be your best solution in helping you achieve your financial goals.

 Here are some of the products and services I can provide for you.

Retirement Planning - If you are planning for a secure retirement, we can help you evaluate all of your existing retirement plans and assess your tax consequenses from pensions, 401(k)s, IRAs and annuities.

Further services I can provide include: Asset Allocation, Investment Profiling, Risk Management, and Estate Planning Strategies.

Investment Options -I can help you develop an investment stategy that balances potential risk and return by diversifying your assets, taking into account your risk tolerance, liquidity needs as well as short and long-term goals. 

Products I offer include: Mutual Funds, Individual Securities and Stocks,  Fixed and Variable Annuities, Asset Managed Programs, FDIC Insured CDs

College Funding - I can help you choose the right savings and investment vehicles including College 529 Plans.

Disability Income - Often overlooked is the need to protect one's current income stream and future earnings.  Both group and individual coverages available

Long-Term Care Insurance - With today's ever advancing medical technologies it seems to be more a question of when and not if this type of care will be needed.  I can help you protect your hard earned assets from these rising costs.